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Embarc uses artificial intelligence to create custom running routes tailored to your training goals.

You're a unique runner. 

It's time your training reflects that.


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How Embarc Works

Build your RunDNA: First, you'll build your unique user profile, we call this your "RunDNA."  You'll do this by indicating preferences on route features shaping the quality of a run.  We can't spoil everything, but a sample of the RunDNA building blocks include: your desired distance and elevation gain, your preferred running surface, whether you need sidewalks, how far you're willing to travel to your starting point, and whether you want to run a loop.

Embarc's AI generates multiple runs fit to your needs: Embarc’s artificial intelligence model will then analyze millions of potential routes to produce just a handful of them for you, tailor-fit to your needs!  

Start running, while letting Embarc be your guide: Don't worry, you won’t need to leave the app once you've selected your custom route. Embarc will guide you through your run turn-by-turn, allow you to play music, and transmit health data to the app via wearable devices. 


Finish your run, hydrate, and share: After the run is over, you can post statistics, pictures, and a map from your training session at the end of their journey. This info can be shared with your friends on both the app and larger social media platforms.  

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Our Story

Embarc's inspiration came just before one of Kevin’s San Francisco Marathon training sessions. Kevin was a few weeks into his training regimen and was growing tired of running through the Silicon Valley community he had recently moved into. He wanted to run on hills with dirt trails to prepare for the 1,175 feet of climbing that awaited him on race day. Unfamiliar with Silicon Valley, his immediate surroundings seemed to be of no help. After an hour of painstakingly searching running forums to find a route more tailored to his needs, he finally found a suitable place to train, well, at least for that day. Perhaps there was a more efficient solution to his problem on the App Store, he thought—not quite. Kevin was disappointed by the lack of apps generating routes tailored to individual preferences.  A few hours later, starting a company with a mission of providing runners young and old with new paths towards achieving their fitness goals was being excitedly researched.



"This sounds great! Where is Embarc available?"

Much like adequately preparing to achieve a heart-pumping run, the app planning process is not one that should be rushed.  Our team is working hard to bring this app to fruition.    When we launch, our service will be available online (at this website), the App Store, and the Google Play store.  Want exclusive early access to the app? Sign up here!

"But I use *insert your current running app here,* why should I use Embarc?"

There are pages of apps focused on analyzing data after a run, but there is a gap in the route planning process that occurs before a runner heads out the door.  Sure, you can look through running forums and the community feeds of training apps in hopes of finding a path tailored to your needs.  This tells you how other people—with different goals, running backgrounds, and fitness levels—have trained. The problem is, a run is not one size fits all.  Some apps will allow these runners to manually draw out a route.  Unless a runner is well-versed in the topography and terrain of their surroundings, however, they will be hard-pressed to curate a run that adequately suits their needs and desires.

"I have another question that I'd like to ask the founders."

As a young startup, there are few things more valuable to us than hearing from our future runners.  Send us a note here and we'll be sure to respond ASAP!

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We love hearing from our customers! Contact us at either the address below or, if you're on desktop, by filling out the form to the right.  We'll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.  Happy running!

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